Our Food Philosophy

food4I remember so well the evening we cooked our last Junk-Food-Meal!

We emptied the freezer of Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers & Pizza rounds, oven ready chips etc. Bunged the whole lot in the oven. The kids were quite excited – a proper blow-out on Junk! The table was laid & all the colourful junk food spread out. We started off okay but after about 5 minutes it all began to deteriorate. The reliance on “bulking agents” made it difficult to swallow after a bit! Plus the massive amounts of salt & sugar used, to make the food & mechanically recovered meat edible, set off a raging thirst.

So that was it-no more junk food!

When we lived in Cork & the children were very small, we’d started a rotating menu that everyone had to buy into. So if one child liked Macaroni Cheese & another one Eggy Bread, they got their turn at that but we all had to eat it. And on Sunday we always had Roast Chicken with gravy & bread sauce; glazed carrots plus roast & mashed potatoes. Every Sunday! We never got sick of it & it’s still requested by our now 30 year olds.

We always sit down with candles & wine to Dinner in the evening. Mostly in the Kitchen but we’ve always seen that as important.

Dave’s mother was a very good cook of English food. He often helped, so learned by osmosis, the best way. My father was the cook in our family. He was a great Francophile. He imported & bottled Wine in the 50’s but it didn’t last very long. I remember him cooking Sunday breakfast with the pockets of his tweed suit crammed with eggs, getting ready to fry them for his large family.

Sourcing Our Food


Our meat comes from the 3 top butchers in our Area; Jim Ryan of Ballinlough; Thomas Doherty of Kells & Flood’s of Oldcastle. They all have a faithful clientele & their premises are always busy. Thomas Doherty can even boast of sending his black pudding or “bourdin” to France!Our Cheeses are supplied by the one & only Cheesemongers – Sheridan’s of Virginia. Run by the “charismatic Breton” Frank Amoenner. His blog & recipes are such fun.Our Wine is supplied by an equally charismatic Frenchman Christophe Sturzel.

Eggs are from our neighbour at the back avenue & they have to be the best fed hens – on our scraps!

We make all our own breads here as good bread is hard to find.

We always get organic vegetables where possible.

Our Wedding Menu & Wine List



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