Pear Tatin with stewed Prunes swimming in cream

Tarte Tatin

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Tarte Tatin, pears poached in wine, honey & star anise with stewed prunes & double cream. the tartness of the apple with the butteriness of the pastry & the inimitable flavour of a pear that now matter what you douse it with still tastes so wonderfully of pear & the utterly sinful prunes all swimming […]

Chicken kebabs in greek yogurt marinade

Chicken Kebabs

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Chicken kebabs with yogurt marinade. A Greek dish. This is a lovely recipe & looks very cheffy! Get some free range chicken breast;one per person: cut them up – not too small as they will shrink. Make a marinade of yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper & a good tablespoon of chopped herbs. The […]

Eton Mess meringue and strawberries

Eton Mess – Tidied Up!

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My version of Eton Mess.Thanks to our Commis Chef Trisha Duff I’m now the queen of meringues! These are homemade & the strawbs are organic-boy but that makes a difference! Another little tip to bring out the best in your strawberries; hull them, don’t wash them; quarter them & then sprinkle with sugar & a […]

Delicious short bread

Little Sister’s Shortbread

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This is the best Shortbread Recipe ever! It’s my little sister’s & she distributes it far & wide to the bewildered, the bereaved or the just plain hungry. Anyway-it’s 12 ozs of white flour; 8 oz of butter & just the merest 3 oz of sugar. You whizz it all together & then press it […]

Ruby's salad with roast almond, parma ham, goat's cheese and sharp apple

Ruby’s Salad

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This is a little corker. You roast some whole almonds with the skin on, in a little oil. Watch them as they burn fairly easily; take some strips of Parma ham & bake them in the oven for a few minutes; get a bag or make yourself a good selection of mixed salad leaves; cut […]

Piazza topped with olives chorizo and cheddar cheese

Homemade Pizza!

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How about some steaming fresh-out-of-the-oven trays of Homemade Pizza! Pizza like you’ve never had it. The recipe is quite classical; no funny pineapple or any of that mullarkey-just well stewed tomato passata, excellent chorizo or salami, some good olives & a nice Cheddar cheese topping with a few olives scattered artfully on top. A good […]

Hake baked in lemon wedges

Hake Baked In Lemon Wedges

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Hake baked in lemon wedges, parsley, baby mushrooms & tomatoes with lots of melted butter.This method is equally good with Salmon, Sea Bass, Cod, Trout etc.You just butter a low sided pottery dish, put your fish in; add in all the other ingredients; cover with foil & bake for 15-20 minutes but do keep a […]

Spinah and streaky bacon with mushrooms melting deliciously over penne pasta

Guess Whose Coming To Dinner

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Another dish where necessity was the Mother of Invention! An unexpected visitor, Thursday evening, not much to raid in the larder, so grabbed some spinach from the garden, fried up some streaky rashers lots of garlic, threw in some chopped mushrooms, a slug of cream & then popped the spinach on top where it wilted […]