Would you like delcious food at your wedding or celebration? This is our thing. Whether it’s served on platters, or a zany BBQ with sides for that festival feel, or an elegant silver service that will impress Aunty Gladys, it will have quality & cracking good flavours.


The focus of our food is always on getting the best flavour in every dish. Sue & Dave have always cooked the family meals from scratch and they’ve long been interested in new flavours and new dishes from Indian, Italian, French, Middle Eastern and Central & South American cuisines.

The family meal in the evening has always been an important part of our day – we sit down nearly every evening with candles lit and a glass of delicious wine to catch up on the day’s events.

We make most of our dishes from scratch in-house, including all our bread, desserts and pastry from, using fresh ingredients. Many of the dishes we cook for our guests are old family favourites that have been passed down from family and friends. Trips abroad to France, Spain, Italy, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Peru and Mexico have inspired new dishes to add to the old favourites.


For your wedding day, we provide a delicious range of house-made canapés to whet the appetite followed by a 3-course banquet served either in the Castle for small parties or in the Great Barn for larger ones. After you and your guests have danced up an appetite we offer delicious late night snacks of gorgeous cheeses with crackers and crispy rolls as well as the all-important cocktails sausages!

Breakfast for you and your guests can be provided the next day, either the full fry-up or a tasty continental option.

We are also delighted to do next day barbecues with yummy burgers, sausages and delicious fresh salads and breads for those who want to keep the party going.

For birthdays, anniversaries and hen parties, we have 3 options for dinner in the Castle. A sumptuous 3-course dinner served to you and your guests in the candle-lit dining room with our delicious French wines and an optional cheese-course. For those who want a more relaxed vibe, we have two 2-course buffet options; either self-serve or served and cleared. You are also welcome to self-cater if you so wish



We always strive to source the highest quality ingredients from a range of excellent local suppliers.

Our meat comes from Thomas Doherty in Kells, Floods of Oldcastle and Jim Ryan in Ballinlough. Tommy’s award-winning black pudding features in one of our most popular dishes – black pudding & goat’s cheese tart. Flood’s supply excellent lamb and glorious free-range, organic chickens.
The inimitable Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in Virginia, Co. Cavan supply all of our cheeses, olives and cured meats.

All our wine is supplied by Alain Delhomme’s French Wine Unlimited a small company based in Dublin who focus on original and innovative wines from regional French vineyards.
Our fruit and vegetables come from FanFruit, a family-owned business with a passion for quality and service that has been supplying the food industry since 1991.


Wedding Menu, Wine List & Wedding Rate Card


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